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  • 13 June 2024
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I have created a group and have added members with access to a handful of applications.  For the time being, I have assigned them the reader role.  However, I can not get them to see the boards.  The screenshot below is from me impersonating one of the users.  I’m stuck on what to do next.  Do I need to go through and change permissions to each of the boards?  Or even each of the blocks?  Is there a quick way to have them see the boards?  Do I need to edit the reader role and change permissions there?  I have read through several articles and I can’t match the instructions to my workspace.  Any help or insights would be much appreciated.




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AlHi @Kevin,

Can you check the Boards permission you assigned to those users ?

If they have it set to None, then you need to specify the Boards you want them to see.

To do so :

  1. Create a metric BPM_Can_Comment without dimension and with data type “Permissions” 
  2. Then Create a metric BPM_User with User as dimension and with data type “Permissions”
    IF('Users roles' = Role."Reader",

    You could also assigned directly each user to a Permissions but that way you can ensure all the Reader role can comment/open the same boards even new joiners.

  3. Then navigate to the “Roles, permissions, and access” > “Board access configuration” in the settings. Then in the Additional Board Permission section, select all the boards you them to interact with 
    All your Reader should now have access to the same boards.

Let me know if that helps


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Thank you for your response.  Unfortunately, I am still having issues.  My approach is to manage users by creating groups.  So far I have created a group that I want to be able to view the boards and all the data in the boards.  What I have done is gone into the “Roles” interface for each application and changed the reader role to view boards.

Are there other permissions I should change for the reader role in each application?

I then go to the workspace and have created a group.  From there I am adding the applications I want this group to read by assigning it the Reader role in each of the applications.


But then when I view as an imposter user, I see the following screen.

So the users can view the board but they can’t view any of the data.  Do I need to modify all the blocks and their roles so that non-admin users can actually see the data in the boards?  I really just want to have a group that has the ability to view the boards but that’s commenting, no editing...just viewing.

If all this needs to be controlled by metrics and formulas I can go down that path but I am stuck on why this isn’t working if I have all the permissions set to open and read the boards for this group.

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Hi @Kevin ,

Do you have a Datahub where you manage your share dimensions? If so, you should at least give Read permission to your Datahub to those group. My guess is that currently your user don’t have access to any items of your dimension.
You can create a “Just Reader” role without any permissions (even without the Display Application) and with only read access.

Let me know if it works.

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Yes, the datahub with the shared dimensions was the issue.  Once I assigned that application to the group with just a simple reader role everything is working as anticipated.  Thank you for the help!