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  • 26 October 2022
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Hello community,


I’m creating a transaction list to be inputted manually by an end user.

How can I have a reduce list for a certain dimension?

eg: in a country dimension with all countries, the list available needs to be only the European countries.


As a workaround I’m creating extra lists to have these sub-lists. But it will not be a very clean strategy in the end.


Does anyone have another way to overcome this?

Thank you



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5 replies

Hi Sofia,

This is something our product team is currently looking into. I don’t have an exact ETA yet, but likely early next year. Hope that helps.


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Thank you for your feedback, Tess.

This will be very useful.

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Hello Sofia,

Using sub-set is definitely the way to go as of now. Don’t forget to add a property to each of your sub-set that is mapping back to the original dimension. Something that will look like this:


Then when you are using a metric with the sub-set as a dimension you can map back to your original dimension using:

BY: Sub-set.’Original Dimension’]

Another option to reduce the values displayed in a drop-list is to use an Access Rights rule that you would apply directly on the dimension list to reduce the list of items that a specific user can display. However this method will be applied everywhere in your Workspace and not only in a specific metric or transaction list which might not be the result expected.

Hope this helps

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Thank you Gawain, understood! 👍🏻

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@Sofia Costa   Just want to follow up on this, we did recently release dependent dropdowns for transactions lists.