Scenario Order misplaced in Google Sheets export

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Hi all - we are running into an issue with our Google Sheets connector where the order in which scenarios are selected in the saved view does not seem to get passed on to g-sheets. Explaining this in more detail below:


We have added a screenshot below showing our list of scenarios. We want “Apr 24 Close / May 24 Reforecast” to be the first scenario and “FY24 Company Plan (Approved Changes)” to be the second scenario -- this is because we want Apr close to be on the left and FY24 company plan to be on the right hand side of our table. 

When we export this view using the Google Sheets connector, we are required to select the 2 scenarios again and their order seems to be reversed once we pull the data (see second screenshot below). 


Any thoughts on whether we’re doing something wrong or if there are any workarounds available for this?



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Hi Rasagya,

Thank you for raising this - this is a known issue that is on our roadmap to fix, but I don’t have any eta for this at this time.

The suggested workaround for now is to manually adjust the formatting in Google Sheets after you’ve pulled the data pull (Re-Ordering the collumns manually). I appreciate this is not the best experience and I hope this is fixed soon.

I’ve made a note to update you here as soon as this is fixed! :)

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Hello! Thanks for raising this point. Indeed it’s not possible to choose the order of the Scenarios directly from the GSheets add-in. 

The workaround would be to use other external API that allow you to export data from a specific View or Block.
If you export a View you can select the Scenarios you want export on the Default Pages options
If you export a Block you can pass the Scenarios that you want to export directly in the API call.

All external APIs: