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  • 20 September 2023
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  • currently the user needs to expand the filter selection and select the specific filter criteria. Was wondering if there is any action buttons similar to “SLICERS” in Excel ?

Best answer by Benoit 21 September 2023, 15:12

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3 replies

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Good morning Mohan,

Could you please elaborate your questions with more details or screenshots ? I am not sure to properly understand.

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Hello Fabien,

In Pigment, after creating a Table/Metric, there is a filter drop down list available and user can select their filter conditions. In my case, I have more than 50 filter criteria under the filter drop down list and I was wondering whether if I can create something similar to “Slicer” options that's available in Excel (attached image of slicer example). This kind of options would allow users to quickly select their filter conditions on the board instead going through the filter drop down lists every time. 


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Not sure it is what you’re looking for, but in the page options of your page selectors, you can select the “available items” to shorten the selection, so, instead of having 50 items, you make available only the 8 interesting ones you’d like to see in this specifc view.


So when you filter, you don’t have the full list:


Hope it helps.