To See Block Size - Full Read Needed?

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Hi Pigment Community. 

So, it just occurred to me as I’m going through the courses that I cannot tell if I’m creating blocks/metrics that are too big. I read an article by @Samya Barkaoui on block building best practices that mentioned I need full read access to see these statistics. Is that correct? Who do I contact to obtain this and is this something that modelers don’t normally need in Pigment?


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Hi Jared,

You should be able to click on Blocks > All Blocks > Metrics > Insights

Its top right hand corner.

That gives you all the insight then into size, density etc.


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Hi Jared,

  1. I have tested it as the screen below with full read permission, where I still cannot see other statistics except Max size.

So you must have full read and write permission to see all statistics.

  1. Generally speaking, admin can control Data access right by managing ARM metrics.


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Hi @Jared Dolich ,

This community article explains the performance insight feature available from the Block Explorer and on the Metric.

Hope this helps,