Viewing and Highlighting Overridden Metrics in Pigment

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I would like to ask if in Pigment there is a setting or by setting some metrics, we could be able to view whether a metric has the manual input/override function turned on? Additionally, is there a way to have automatic conditional formatting in a table such that if the metric has the manual override function turned on, it will display in a different color?


This would help us easily identify and manage overridden metrics in our application.

Thank you.


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Hi @wyunng, no need to set up anything, Pigment already has a native visual hint just as what you need,

1. On top of your board, you’ll see a little bulb, hove your mouse over this bulb to see all the options for visual hints

2. Once you click that bulb, all the tables in that board will show up visual hints as per the options, for example, I create a table for testing here:


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You can also quickly identify all metrics, where the override setting is on by going to All Blocks > Metrics > Formula: Override on.


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Thank you for the replies. I have learned a lot from the responses.😃😃