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  • 4 July 2023
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Dear Community,

I need to set an expiration year.

I am using the formula “Year + 10” on a Metric with only Year Dimension.
I would like this to be more friendly to the end user.

I would like to set a metric that i can add to year (ex= Year + “metric”) . I tried with a metric with no Dimensions with a value 5. It did not work.

The end is for  the user just by changing the metric at the “metric” would change the Expiration Year.



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Hi Rocco,


You should be able to do this with a metric, make sure that your offset metric is of type ‘Integer’. Pigment won’t allow for the possibility of a fractional number being entered for your offset, which is why it’s not currently working.


I hope this helps!



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Hi @Rocco 

​​​​@Mat  is right. First, You will have to create a ‘No of Years’ metric with Data Type Integer and No Dimension.

After that, you can create Expiration Year Metric with Year Dimension and Data Type will be Dimension Data Type and Apply Formula Year + ‘No of Years’ 

Hope your query is solved.

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both of your answers @abhilashsawla & @Mat are perfectly on point, thank you for the help

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Thanks @Mat  & @abhilashsawla for the lighting fast help here! 🙌