YTD Calculations Wrong when Showing Values as %

  • 10 January 2024
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Hello Community, 

I am struggling with YTD summaries for %-values. In image 1 I have lines for Revenue and Costs and then I have added metric “Costs” for a second time and I am showing the value as % of Revenue. 

Image 1

When I add YTD calculations (Image 2), I have an issue that also the “% of Revenue (Costs)” seems to be cumulating when in fact it should be always calculated as Costs/Revenue. 
This means that for February YTD (ACT) shows -2.20 % (= -1.30 % + -0.90 %) instead of the calculated values, which should be -1.11 % (= -4 664 / 419 306). 

Image 2

Is it possible to keep the YTD calculations for other metrics, but use a “formula”-calculation for the %-metrics? 

In case it is any help, here is also a image of how I have pivoted the data.

Image 3



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I think you asked the right question about the cause, this happens because you’re making a Show value as on your calculated items and the results are the ones of the calculated items.

As of now, we can’t decide / force a calculated item to not run on a metric (Show value AS are metrics but shown differently).

If you want this to work, you’ll have to create a metric to replace your show value as.


Hope this helps.