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  • 4 August 2023
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Text widgets allow modelers to add instructions or context to Boards.  This article discusses how to use text widgets on Boards. 


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How can you use Text widgets?


Text widgets are a good way to add context to a Board.  They can be used to add instructions on the purpose and how to interact with a Board.  


The Configure Boards permission is required to add a text widget.


How to add a Text Widget to a Board?


Users with the Configure Boards permission can add a text widget to a Board through the following steps.

  1. Click the Edit Board button on the Board to which you want to add an image.
  2. Click + Add a Widget and select Text.
  3. Click in the text widget to start typing.  It will be added to the top left of the Board.
  4. Highlight text to bring up the formatting menu.  Text formatting will apply to highlighted text.
  5. Hover over the text to bring up the widget options for text display and color.
  6. Click Done in the top left to save your changes.


To add a new widget to a specific location, simply hover your cursor just outside of an existing widget. Upon hovering, a "+ Add Widget" button will appear. Clicking on this button lets you choose the side where you want to place the new widget.


Formatting options for Text Widgets


The text widget offers diverse formatting options to style your text. You can control the size using three different heading sizes H1, H2, and H3, or paragraph size.


Additionally, you can apply formatting effects like underlining, bolding, and italics.

Keyboard shortcuts:

cmd/ctrl + B  for bold

cmd/ctrl + U  for underline

cmd/ctrl + I  italics


Moreover, you can convert text into hyperlinks by using the link icon. These links will open in a new window.


Text Widget Options


The text widget offers two display modes: Open and Filled. In Open mode, there is no padding, and the text is displayed with either white or black color.

In Filled mode, you get added padding on the sides, and the option to set a background color and text color. The text color applies to all text within the widget, including links. When you change the text color from black, the color of all links will also be updated accordingly.

By default, when you select a background color or text color, the other option will automatically adjust to a suitable color for improved readability. If you wish to disable this automatic adjustment, you can do so by clicking on the lock icon situated between the two color options.



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